Summerlicious @ Cafe Moroc

Appetizer: MAFTOUL - "moroccan cigars" with beef, cashews, raisins and aioli. Pretty interesting.. like a moroccan version of spring rolls (but couldnt taste cashews & raisins)

Entree: Sesame Crusted Salmon. The salmon wasn't served hot. It was dry and overcooked with no flavour. The sesame crust was interesting but it didn't go well with the mango coulis. The carrot & sweet potato mash wasn't that appetizing, and the beans were raw (would taste better cooked imo) This was a disappointing dish.

Dessert: Creme Brulee. The sugar on top hardened into one flat piece, instead of the sugar crystals sticking onto the creme brulee. This way, I had to eat the hard piece of sugar seperate from the creme part that was underneath. The creme was smooth and sweet, served cold, not bad but not the greatest.

Overall: Disappointed with this summerlicious because of the poorly prepared salmon :( Best one was definitely 5th Elementt!!

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